History of NY Tech Alliance

Created through the merger of NY Tech Meetup and the New York Technology Council in 2016, the organization has over 60,000 individual and institutional members, reflecting the full spectrum of the greater New York area tech community and making it the largest tech organization in the region. Led by Executive Director, Andy Saldaña, and Chaired by Thatcher Bell, the NY Tech Alliance continues the work of its predecessor organizations, hosts a monthly Meetup as well as educational and social events, and continues to focus programming and advocacy efforts on issues important to the technology sector and New York.

History of NY Tech Meetup

Founded in 2004 by meetup.com founder Scott Heiferman and co-founded by Dawn Barber, NY Tech Meetup (NYTM) began its life in the back room of meetup.com’s offices with only four attendees. It is now the world's largest meetup group and a monthly event run by the 60,000 member non-profit organization, NY Tech Alliance.

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