February 2019 NY Tech Meetup - Artificial Intelligence and Affective Computing

Join us for one of NYC's most famous and longest running monthly tech event! You'll see a fantastic lineup of New York tech companies presenting live demos of their products, followed by an afterparty where you can network with the community and meet our demoers and sponsors.

Don't miss this month's event for a look at the future of how emotional responses are measured, used and integrated into new tech and what the implications are that follow.

Here are the companies:
Hassan Bhatti, Co-Founder & Head of Commercial

CN guarantees the privacy of your most sensitive information and enables you to build statistical or machine learning models while retaining maximum control.

Emoshape Inc
Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, Founder & CEO

Emoshape Inc. is a New York based company, which developed the first emotion synthesis chip (Emotion Processing Unit or EPU) for AI and robots. The EPU provides these intelligent machines with natural language understanding, empathy, and personality.These are the essential ingredients of a harmonious future for human-machine interaction, and devices powered by the chip meaningfully increase user engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Sameer Maskey, Founder & CEO

We invest in and groom AI talent around the world and integrate them with your organization to help you build AI solutions.

RefineAI, Inc.
Bharat Krish, Founder & CEO

RefineAI helps brands gather audience insights (Faces, Emotions and Brand impressions) from Videos using AI.

William Ballance, Co-Founder & CEO

Sorter.AI: Neuromarketing Made Easy

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  • Date: February 05, 6:45 PM
  • Price: $10 per ticket
  • Location:
    • AppNexus Razzle Dazzle Room
    • 28 West 23rd St., 4th Floor
    • New York, NY

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