Inaugural "Kick Off" Night for Cybersecurity NYC

submitted by Theodore Angelus

Join us for this inaugural event for Cybersecurity NYC.

We will have a panel of cybersecurity professionals discussing the following topics:

1) Latest news in cybersecurity
2) What are the different verticals within the cybersecurity job market
3) What does it mean that NYC aspires to be the cybersecurity capital of the world?
4) What certifications are most relevant in today's job market?
5) What YOU want to get out of future events of this meetup?

Food and drink will be provided.



brunchwork w/ Boxed

submitted by Paulina Karpis

You're invited to an unforgettable sweetgreen dinner with Boxed CEO Chieh Huang. Enjoy an intimate conversation with Chieh...and curated connections over a seasonal meal




MongoDB World 2018

submitted by Allie Tsuchiya

MongoDB World is an educational tech conference coming to NYC on June 26-27! Join us for hands-on technical sessions taught by the team that builds the database. Sessions will cover topics including analytics, app modernization, performance, security, and more. You’ll walk away with immediately applicable MongoDB skills. Register here: https://www.mongodb.com/world18



Startup Grind NYC Hosts John Owen, Angel Investor and Co-Founder of JetBlue Airways

submitted by May Cecilia Sevilla

On June 20th, come to Startup Grind NYC to meet John Owen, full time angel investor, member of Golden Seeds, New York Angels and the Angel Investor Forum. John has spent over 25 years in the low cost airline business. His experience included extensive negotiation of aircraft financing and aircraft acquisition contracts and knows about refining business plan, negotiating and financing. Share your passions with the Startup Grind community and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs - RSVP today!




submitted by Anna Klepacka

TECH WARS event in NYC is coming soon. Come and join us!

This event will be the best opportunity to learn how to fight with the dark side of the business and what are the bright parts. It will be based on real success stories of our special guests.

Networking session at the end would be a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded people and exchange the ideas between startup lovers.

We hope that this event will bring a lot of fresh thoughts.

May the force be with you!



Venture Capital & Fundraising: Advice for Startups

submitted by Bella

For those entrepreneurs considering a venture path for their startups, we know the road ahead can seem daunting: making the right connections, valuing your company, closing the deal and strategically planning a future that makes sense for the business, as well as a new set of stakeholders. Learn from venture capitalists and entrepreneurs on how to meet investors and what to expect when you start fundraising for your startup. Featuring Susan Lynne, Katie Shea, and Jeff Wald.



Tech Inclusion New York

submitted by Hien Huynh

Join us at the third annual Tech Inclusion New York, convening the tech industry to focus on solutions to diversity and inclusion! We’re excited about this year’s theme– “Voices of Innovation” – featuring diverse, underrepresented voices building the innovative technologies and cultures of our future. It’s a full day of keynotes, panel discussions, solo talks and an interactive session focusing on inclusive innovation across the tech ecosystem.
Register here for a 20% discount!



Open Source in Fintech Event Series - June Meeting

submitted by Todd Lewis

The topic of the June event series, to be hosted by Silicon Valley Bank, 387 Park Avenue South (between 27th & 28th streets), 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016, will be the tooling, processes, and policies to help finserv organizations further adopt open source, and in turn, provide developers what they need to use and contribute to open source projects, especially those hosted and governed by FINOS.



Highwire PR and Work-Bench Present “Evolution of the Story” Media Panel

submitted by Ben Liwanag

Join the sharpest tech storytellers as we discuss what the next 10 years will bring for PR, journalism and the media landscape at large.

Panelists include:

Kerry Flynn, Marketing Reporter, Digiday

Rani Molla, Data Editor, Recode

Anthony Ha, Senior Writer, TechCrunch

Sean Ludwig, Communications and Marketing Director, Tech:NYC

The panel will take place at Work-Bench (110 Fifth Ave, 5th Floor). Networking, drinks and light appetizers to follow.

Hope to see you there!

Doors Open: 6 p.m.



Summer Mixer

submitted by Jason Malki

Join us as we come together for a night of startup/tech networking and story sharing. If you don't have a specific agenda, hang out and mingle with like-minded folks and enjoy the great atmosphere. Who knows who you'll meet or what you'll learn!

While paid admission is $10-$20 you can attend for FREE if you simply Create a Free Account at SportsWonks.com, which is a Sports Social Network that is focused on major sports leagues including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, and eSports.



Jul 01

3rd Annual Immigrant Heritage Month Hackathon

submitted by Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy

This year we are back with the 3rd annual Immigrant Heritage Hackathon. Immigration is a staple in American culture and will always be. We need to constantly be innovating to make sure immigrants are welcomed and have access to the resources they need to thrive. This years goal of this weekend is to build tech-enabled solutions to the prompt "What tools can we create to improve communications between immigrants and advocates to provide more efficiency in rapid response scenarios?"




Q2 2018: New York Techology Ecosystem - NY STEM Meetup

submitted by David Yakobovitch

Join The NY Technology and Entrepreneurs Meetup at RISE NYC, as we will be hosting a Q2 2018 wrap-up on the State of Technology in the NY Ecosystem. Plan the start to Summer 2018 right, by meeting fellow technologists and entrepreneurs, as you are updated on VC funding, technology trends, and where the NY market-up is moving for new job opportunities in technology in 2018. Connect with other techies in the NY scene.



Productivity Through AI in Workplace Automation and RPA

submitted by Quinn

Our July topic will be on Productivity Through AI in Workplace Automation and RPA.

What happens when AI joins the team? The potential for automation to boost productivity and take on the uninspiring menial activities in a job is tremendous. We'll consider how businesses effectively integrate automation into the human workforce and get the best out of each.

We’ll hear from Dennis Mortensen, CEO of x.ai, who’ll describe the future of work for knowledge workers involving managing and interacting




New York Venture Summit

submitted by Gil Garalnick

The 18th annual New York Venture Summit, presented by youngStartup Ventures, is the premier industry gathering connecting venture capitalists, corporate VCs, angel investors, technology transfer professionals, senior executives of early stage and emerging growth companies, university researchers, incubators and premier service providers.
Whether you are an investor seeking access to new early stage deals, or a Founder of a new venture seeking funding, this is one event you won't want to miss.
Use the discount code: NYTECHVIP



How to Transition to Product Management from Digital Marketing with Grubhub PM

submitted by Stella Kim

Have you been wondering how to land a PM offer without Product or Technology background? Have you tried reaching out to your friends in the industry, but found it difficult to materialize interviews? Stop spinning your wheels spending your figuring out what you need to figure out. Come hear it from people that have been where you are right now and currently are where YOU want to be.

This event is dedicated to helping Digital Marketing professionals looking to transition into Product Management.



Pluto Power Shift

submitted by Johnathan Butler

Pluto Power Shift is a monthly after-work panel series curated by the Pluto team. Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds in Diversity & Inclusion to speak about why these issues matter, especially for companies who are starting to develop their efforts and enjoy hearing some advice.




Improve your Leadership skills

submitted by Jon Zeitlin

Want to build your career? This two-day workshop (Friday and Saturday) is a chance for aspiring engineering leaders to learn leadership skills from NYC CTOs who have already climbed the ladder.

Workshop sessions include public speaking, communicating with non-engineers, hiring and firing and providing feedback. If you are a tech lead or manage a team, this workshop is for you; your company may even pay the fees.

REGISTER at https://www.devleadweekend.com



She Geeks Out in NYC! Sponsored by OKCupid

submitted by Marisa Marquez

Please join OKCupid and She Geeks Out at their beautiful offices in NYC for a fun night of learning, networking, eating and drinking! You'll walk away with more knowledge, new connections, and a full belly!

Please note that this event is open to all genders.



How to Transition to Product Management from Management Consulting

submitted by Stella Kim

By far one of the most popular jobs that many Management Consultants are considering pivoting to right now is Product Management. This event goes into detail the journey Lucy embarked to actualize her dreams of going into Product Management. Perhaps, her story will inspire more Management Consultants to also begin their journey.

This event is for anyone and everyone who are interested in transitioning into Product Management.



Inc 30 Under 30 Isa Watson on Creating Addictive User Products

submitted by Mary Green

How do you build an unforgettable enterprise software experience in a world of cutting-edge products? What are the different roles that PMs play at each stage of a product’s evolution?
Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 and Envested founding CEO Isa Watson shares key concepts that allowed her to create an intuitive platform that’s actually social. Drawing on her breadth of product management experience—from Wall Street to startup—she shares a framework for building products people love in any industry.



Tech-Tonic: a taste for disrupting industries

submitted by Alysha Malik

Join RADICHE as we sit down with the faces and founders of tomorrow’s technology. Autonomous checkout, the future of e-commerce, UX design and connectivity for the burner. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

Unlimited alcohol, snacks, silent disco and curious entrepreneurial souls.
Grab your tickets and check out the speaker line up here: https://techtonic.splashthat.com/



She Geeks Out NYC Workshop: Unconscious Bias

submitted by Felicia Jadczak

You may have heard about unconscious or implicit bias, but aren’t quite sure what it is or have a rudimentary understanding of it. At its core, unconscious bias is just what it sounds like- bias that we don’t consciously register. In this interactive workshop, we’ll walk you through its meaning and show you several types of unconscious biases that can play out specifically in the workplace. You’ll walk away with a strong grasp of unconscious bias and ways to help you mitigate your own biases at




Demystifying Data Science: A FREE Live Online Conference for Aspiring Data Scientists & Data-Curious Business Leaders

submitted by Michael Tague

Are You Data Curious?
Experience 28 interactive data science talks from industry-leading speakers over 2 action-packed days.

DAY 1: JULY 24
For Aspiring Data Scientists
14 speakers will demystify data science and discuss the training, tools, and career path to the best job in the United States.

DAY 2: JULY 25
For Business Leaders, Managers & Practitioners
14 speakers will explain how data science applies to your work and what needs to be done to integrate data science into an organization.





RE•WORK AI in Finance Summit

submitted by Hollie Jaques

RE•WORK was voted #1 Best Artificial Intelligence Conference for Business Leaders in 2018. Industry experts, top academics, and disruptive start-ups will share technical insights on recent AI advancements and their application in the financial sector. Topics explored include; stock market prediction, retail finance and banking, fraud detection and security and privacy in the changing financial environment.






submitted by Gina Gentilozzi

48in48 understands that many nonprofits have small budgets and choose to spend their money doing good rather than looking good. This October, 48in48 will host a massive hackathon, working directly with nonprofits to market themselves in a way they deserve. They will join forces with local agencies and individual professionals from the marketing, creative and technology industries to build 48 websites for 48 lucky nonprofits in our area.





World Congress on Cardiology and Heart Diseases

submitted by Cathy Smith

Cardiology World 2018 to be held at Amsterdam, Netherlands during November 5-6, 2018. This International Heart Conference will bring together world-class cardiovascular researchers, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, professors and scientists to discuss strategies for Cardiology. Cardiology Conference invites you to attend the 28th Annual Congress on Cardiology and Heart Diseases 2018 is designed to provide diverse and current education that will keep medical professionals abreast of the issues


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